Financial Management Department

Leontios Charalampidis

BSc., MSc., Advisory Supervisor

Leontios holds an Economics degree from the University of Bath and an MSc. in Finance (Investment and Risk) from the University of Kent. He is part of the Financial Management Department and is mainly involved in business planning and feasibility studies for new projects, as well as the management processes of companies, following appointment. Furthermore, he is coordinating the Marketing processes of our Company on a daily basis and adds insight to Revita’s blog and bulletin with his research and various articles. In addition, he contributes to various administrative tasks and projects, which is part of the wide-range training of our Company at the initial stages of employment.

Banking and Restructuring Department

Xenios Karapanagiotis

BSc., MBA, Senior Consultant

Xenios holds a degree in Science in Business (Finance) from Indiana University and an MBA in Finance and Investments from City University of New York. He has worked as a Senior Auditor in Deloitte & Touche for a period of two years and for Bank of Cyprus for a period of twenty four years mainly as Credit Risk Manager and Loans Manager in both corporate and retail divisions, acquiring vast amount of experience in the Banking sector. At Revita, Xenios is a Senior Advisor, dealing mainly with banking and loan restructuring issues and cases. With his diverse knowledge, he provides a major asset for the Banking and Restructuring Department, while in many cases he also offers insight and solutions towards various Financial Management matters.

Kyriaki Demetriou

BSc., Insolvency Supervisor

Kyriaki has a degree in Commerce, Finance and Shipping from the Cyprus University of Technology, Limassol. In addition, she is preparing for the “Insolvency Practitioner” examinations. Kyriaki possesses experience in assisting with restructuring loans for corporate entities and individuals and plays a vital administrative and implementation role in the Banking and Restructuring department of Revita.

Theognosia Koutsou

BSc., Insolvency Assistant

Theognosia holds a degree in Accounting and Finance from Athens University of Economics and Business. She plays an important role in the loan restructuring process of various cases in the Company’s Banking and Restructuring Department, while she also utilises her skills in addressing everyday accounting work of Revita’s clients. Furthermore, she keeps an essential all-around role by effectively contributing in various key administrative tasks on a daily basis, which is also part of the wide-range training of our Company at the initial stages of employment.

Accounting Department

Yiota Kafkalia

Credit Controller

Yiota has more than 18 years of accounting experience and her portfolio consists of a wide range of Cypriot clients. Yiota is a committed and hardworking professional with a high degree of dedication to offer exceptional quality of services. At Revita, Yiota embodies a vital role to the Accounting department, while she also serves internally as head of Credit Control of the Company.

Administration Department

Sophie Zachariou

Administration Manager, Personal Assistant to MD

Sophie has a Diploma in Office Administration from Cyprus College and a level 3 (Higher) diploma in Accounting. For 12 years, she worked as an Office Administrator/Executive Secretary in Investment and Financial Services firms. For 4 and a half years she held the position of Brokerage Support Officer at Laiki Financial Services Ltd, where she was responsible for the Limassol Branch. Sophie possesses many years of experience in administration, customer support and accounting related services and her high sense of responsibility and professionalism renders her a valuable asset for Revita. She is the Firm’s Office Manager. She also oversees all the administration side of Revita’s activities, particularly specialising in Insolvency Administration (procedures, deadlines with Registrar and Banks, maintaining deadlines, etc.).

External Associate

Mrs. Marianna Soteriou

Our internal lawyer, with excellent analytical and problem solving legal skills. With a very rich and versatile professional experience at the law offices of Adamos Adamides & Co and Marios Hartsiotis & Co LLC where she was head of legal department, she is now a part time sole practitioner.